The One Musical

The One Musical is based on thousands of true stories from across the Philippines. It follows the story of one family and one pastor. We have met countless people who share these same stories with us that you will see in the musical. The endings are not always happy; we cannot over simplify the lives of those living through heartbreaking poverty. But we can say that we bring hope. Over and over again, we see hope breaking strongholds across the Philippines. And that is what The One is all about.

Phantom 2 with Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal, GoPro and Alien Skins Exposure 6 test

I was recently working on a charity video in the Philippines and needed to get some aerial shots. So I picked up a Phantom 2 with the Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal and a GoPro Hero3 and had to learn how to fly. It’s amazing how much technology is packed in this relatively inexpensive drone. It’s actually quite scary to be honest.

I also wanted to experiment with the Alien Skin Exposure 6 to colour correct a video.
So here is a short video of my experiments.

17zero3 – Historia Michała Joachimowskiego

Była wczesna wiosna ʼ73 roku. Młodziutka dziewczyna o kruczoczarnych lokach popijała herbatę w Piekiełku, knajpce znajdującej się w podziemiach Zakopiańskiego Ośrodka Przygotowań Olimpijskich. W pewnym momencie podszedł do niej młody, przystojny mężczyzna i poprosił ją do tańca. Nie znali się, choć jego twarz wydawała jej się bardzo znajoma. Podała mu rękę, a on gentelmeńsko poprowadził ją na parkiet. Przedstawili się sobie i wtedy zdała sobie sprawę, że tańczy ze świeżo upieczonym wicemistrzem Europy w trójskoku. Cały wieczór bawili się razem przy muzyce włoskich przebojów. I tak zaczęła się ich “piekielna” historia.

17zero3 jest historią Michała T. Joachimowskiego, byłego sportowca, rekordzisty świata w trójskoku, prawnika, wicewojewody, laureata medalu Kalos Kagathos, a przede wszystkim męża, ojca i dziadka. Jest to historia pełna emocji, akcji i humoru. Historię zaczynającą się w “Piekiełku” i trwającą do dzisiaj, o rozstaniach i powrotach, sukcesach i porażkach życiowych, opowiada żona Julita, oraz inni członkowie rodziny, przyjaciele, politycy i sportowcy.

17.03 jest wynikiem magicznym dla polskich trójskoczków. W 1960 roku Józef Szmidt ustanowił na Stadionie Leśnym w Olsztynie nowy rekord świata i z wynikiem 17.03 wpisał się do historii trójskoku jako pierwszy człowiek, który przekroczył magiczną barierę siedemnastu metrów. Czternaście lat później, tym samym wynikiem, Michał Joachimowski, jako pierwszy człowiek skacząc w hali sportowej, przekroczył próg siedemnastu metrów, bijąc rekord świata i zdobywając tytuł Mistrza Europy. I ten właśnie wynik jest najstarszym indywidualnym rekordem kraju w lekkiej atletyce. Micahał Teodor Joachimowski, mój tata, zmarł przedwcześnie w Niedzielę 19 stycznia 2014 roku. Marzę o opowiedzeniu jego barwnej historii. Za materiały archiwalne, wypowiedzi na jego temat i pomoc w dokończeniu filmu byłbym bardzo wdzięczny. Michał jr.

San Francisco, NYC and Women’s Independent Film Festival

It’s been more than two weeks on the road, in the air and across many stages… It’s been a busy time but very productive, fun and exciting. I just uploaded a few photos from San Francisco Area and the New York experience. Earlier today we drove from New Jersey to Maryland with a quick stop in Philadelphia for a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, and it was yummy. Photos and kids sound-bites are on the choir blog so please check it out.


Also we have some exciting news – a couple of days ago we received an email saying that Short Steps received an Honourable Mention in the Feature Documentary Film category at the Women’s Independent Film Festival. It’s not an Oscar, but we are happy that we could share the story of our fourteen children and thirty million other Filipinos, who live in similar circumstances with a new audience and that it was noticed.

womans independant film festival

The Beginning of the Choir Tour


We have been quite busy since we left Bacolod City a couple of weeks ago. First stop was in  Manila where the kids performed at an ICM dinner, then Chicago at Feed My Starving Children Gala Dinner, Seattle with a private performance, and now we are in San Francisco area and already had 3 performances here. The trip is going great, the kids are fantastic, they are having fun during the day and give amazing performences in the evenings. But instead of me rewriting the update, check out the choir’s blog, I’ve been posting photos, videos and the kids thoughts there. Enjoy!


Watch out America, We are coming back!

Choir Tour 2013

The beginning of 2013 has been a whirlwind of packing, traveling, shooting and moving from place to place for us. We officially “moved” to Hong Kong in November 2012, but have been out of the country more than we’ve been it. You know us… we’re travellers.

The next destination on our map is the United States. We are bringing the ICM Children’s Choir for a return tour during April and May, and will be staying on after they fly home for a few adventures of our own. We’re looking forward to some time to write, dream, reflect and listen to a lot of good music, and buying some cowboy boots…

Even though the ICM Choir kids have all been to the US before, they are all super excited to travel again, and feel privileged to have the chance to sing for so many people. For us, it’s a joy to travel and work with these kids – they have taught us so much, about ourselves and about their worlds. We hope to meet some of you in the US – keep up to date with our progress at

For now, here’s a sneak preview of our youngest member with his newest song – More Than What You See. We know, he’s cute… enjoy!

“Without a Mask”


People wear masks!

Our society demands that we play roles throughout life. We are sons and daughters, husbands and wives, employers and employees, and each role requires us to put on a different mask.


I love watching people, and for the last five years I have been able to observe Filipino people. They aren’t any different to people around the world; maybe shorter, different skin tone, but the still wake up every morning and go to work, school, they fall in love, they have children and they bury the people they love. And they still wear masks. But I noticed that the people who don’t have to play roles or wear masks are children who aren’t yet polluted by society, and the older generation who have been through so much that they have nothing to lose.
click on the image to enlarge
This year I thought of having an exhibition, to show just that. I started taking portraits of people, walking around cities, villages and slums, and caught a few snapshots of life. All of the images are real stories, captured in the moment.
Michał S. Joachimowski


WITHOUT A MASK – photography exhibition

September 21 – October 21

Cafe Bob’s – corner of Lacson St. & 21st St.

Bacolod City

50% of the profits from sales will go to the families in the photographs.